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Placer Lender Services - Loan Servicing

We specialize in worry free Note and Loan servicing for lenders, note brokers, loan brokers, trust deed note investors and seller carry back notes. Whether you are a loan broker originating loans, or a private investor with one note or a 1000, Placer Lender Services offers a comprehensive high quality loan servicing solution with affordable fees.

We not only collect and disburse payments to the beneficiaries, but we also disburse payments for property taxes, insurance policies. We also provide escrow service for construction loan disbursements.

Placer Lender Services uses a state of the art computer system which meets all requirements of trust accounting and reporting for the Department of Real Estate and is updated as new regulations occur. Placer Lender Services is Bonded and licensed by the Department of Real Estate with trust funds held in an FDIC insured Bank.

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